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PMZ50-19-N-002 throttle cable for PMZ50-19 throttle cable for PMZ50-22 PMZ50-21 throttle cable for sale. PMZ150-22 throttle cable

Throttle Cable for PMZ50-19 | Icebear Maddog Scooter Throttle Wire for PMZ150-19

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GUARANTEED Manufacturer OEM Parts

  • Recommended Specifically for the PMZ50-19 50cc Maddog Scooter
  • Also Compatible with the PMZ50-21, PMZ150-19, PMZ150-21, PMZ50-22, PMZ150-22, Venom Maddog 50cc Generation 1 Scooter, Meandog 49cc Scooter, Maddog Generation 2 Scooter, Maddog Generation 4 Scooter, Maddog, Maddog Gen 5 scooter
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Brand: Icebear Corporation 
Manufacturer Part Number: PMZ50-19-N-002
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