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Left Shifter Assembly for BD125-11 | Venom X22 125cc Left Foot Assembly

Left Shifter Assembly for BD125-11 | Venom X22 125cc Left Foot Assembly

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GUARANTEED Manufacturer OEM Parts

  • Recommended Specifically for the BD125-11¬†125cc Motorcycle¬†
  • Also Compatible with the BD125-1, Venom X22, SR9 Ninja 125cc Full Size Motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja Clone
  • UPS Express: 3-7¬†Business Day Delivery ¬†
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Left shifter assembly for BD125-11. Venom X22 left shifter for sale Ninja Xprro motorcycle shifter


Brand: Boom Baodiao Locomotive
Manufacturer Part Number: 125001100 + 125001102

Left shifter assembly for BD125-11 ninja kawasaki clone parts. Where can I buy shifter assembly for Venom X22 125cc motorcycle? BD125-11 125cc Boom Motorcycle Ninja clone motorcycle parts for sale. Parts for Boom Ninja BD125-11 parts for sale. BD125-11GT shifter assembly piece. Left side foot shifter for sale for BD125-11 Baodiao Ninja Venom X22 shifter left piece for sale online. 

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