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120/70-12 tire for sale. BD125-10 front tire parts
Tire size 120/70-12 for sale ear me. Front tire for Xpro vader
Front tire for BD125-10 vader for sale near me. BD125-10 front tire 120/70-12
120/70-12 tire size

Front Tire for BD125-10 | Vader 125cc Gen II Tire 120/70-12

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GUARANTEED Manufacturer OEM Parts

  • Recommended Specifically for the BD125-10 125cc Motorcycle 
  • Also Compatible with the Venom X20 125cc, Venom X21RS 125cc, Boom SR6 Vader 125, Boom SR3 Ducati Clone, Hellcat Grom Clone, Motor HQ 125cc Motorcycle, Xpro Vader
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Tire on rim for Venom X20 125cc. Front tire 120/70-12



Brand: Boom Baodiao Locomotive 
Package Includes: Tire Only
Tire Size: 120/70-12
Manufacturer Part Number: 125010043
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