Riding in Comfort: Upgrading Your Honda Grom for Long-Distance Trips

Riding in Comfort: Upgrading Your Honda Grom for Long-Distance Trips

Embarking on a thrilling long-distance adventure with your trusty Honda Grom is an experience like no other. As you cruise through winding roads and soak in the scenery, it's crucial to ensure comfort while riding a bike on a long drive. So, to make every bike ride a dream, we are here to offer you a honda grom 125 performance parts guide. In this, we'll delve into the world of suspension upgrades, helping you transform your Grom into a smooth, long-distance riding machine perfectly tailored to your needs. Buckle up, and let's elevate your riding comfort to new heights!

Upgrading the Seat

If you're planning on taking your Grom on a long-distance trip, it's important to have a comfortable seat. The stock seat will be fine for short rides around town, but if you plan on riding for hours at a time, it's best to upgrade. Currently, two types of seats are available in the market, i.e. gel and custom. 

Gel seats are, of course, made from gel material that takes the shape of your body over time. It is best to provide comfortable support for longer rides. But on the other hand, custom seats can be made from any material you want. Whether leather or vinyl, these seats can be built exactly how you want them. 

To install either type of new seat onto your Grom, remove two screws holding down the existing one using an Allen wrench or screwdriver; then remove four bolts attaching the current cover plate with a socket wrench; finally, detach electrical connectors from the old unit before installing a new one. This hack also works with the honda grom replica 125cc. 

Adding Luggage

The Grom or honda grom replica 125cc is not the most practical motorcycle for long rides. It's small, and there's not much room to store luggage. However, you can make it work by adding saddlebags or tail bags to your bike. Two popular options are the SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Saddlebag Set and the SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Tail Bag Set. These are both made from high-quality materials that will last you for years. The best part is they are stylish enough to make a perfect addition to your honda grom or honda grom replica 125cc. 

The installation process is relatively simple: just remove your stock seat and install these new ones in their place using the Allen keys provided with each bag set. Then connect all of your wires back up and secure them tightly so nothing falls out during travel!

Upgrading the Suspension

When selecting suspension components, it's important to weigh your options carefully based on your riding style and budget. While high-end components like Ohlins shocks can offer superior performance, they may not be necessary for every rider. Upgraded fork springs or a cartridge kit may provide a more cost-effective solution while still delivering a noticeable improvement in ride quality.

Regardless of the honda grom 125 performance parts you choose, proper installation and adjustment are key to realising the full benefits of an upgraded suspension. Do follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take the time to test and fine-tune your new suspension setup until it feels just right. With the right components and creativity, you can transform your Honda Grom's suspension into a smooth and responsive system that will enhance your riding experience for years to come.

Upgrading the Handlebars

It's important to have comfortable handlebars for long rides. The stock Grom or honda grom replica 125cc handlebars are fine for short jaunts, but they can be a bit uncomfortable after hours in the saddle. There are several ways you can upgrade them:

Risers will raise your handlebars by about an inch and a half, making them easier to reach while also giving you more leverage when turning. They're easy to install with just two screws per side and come in various heights depending on your desired adjustment.

Aftermarket bars are another option that offers more adjustability than risers do; however, these tend not to be as durable or sturdy over time because they're made from plastic rather than metal like risers are. Still, if comfort is key for long rides, then this may be worth considering! Why? It allows riders more customisation options than risers do. For example, by allowing riders who prefer flat grips instead of rounded ones like those found on stock Groms'.


The Honda Grom is one of the best bikes to take on a long-distance trip. It's lightweight, nimble and easy to manoeuvre in traffic. However, if you're planning on riding for longer stretches, it's important that you upgrade your bike with accessories and honda grom 125 performance parts that will make your ride more comfortable. If you're going to be making regular trips between cities or states, investing in some accessories for your Grom can help ensure that each trip goes smoothly and comfortably. 

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