How To Upgrade Your Honda Grom 125 With Performance Parts?

How To Upgrade Your Honda Grom 125 With Performance Parts?

Performance Upgrades

Pocket bikes are pretty cool for people of all ages, specially manufactured for kids who are 13+. They are designed by keeping in mind the features and appearance of a standard motorcycle, thus giving the rider a real-life bike riding experience. 


Brands like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc., are a few names that come to mind when thinking of a pocket bike. Honda has introduced many stylish and amazing mini bikes with improved performance and striking looks. 


The Honda Grom, or what people usually call - "miniMOTO," is continuously catching the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts because of its bold, stylish looks and incredible power. 


Pros Of A Honda Grom - 125

Honda Grom 125 is one of the best pocket bikes on the planet that offers great comfort while riding. It is super comfy in making swift turns and an excellent purchase for everyone. 


Let's explore a bunch of benefits that a Honda Grom 125 offers: 


  • Lightweight - A sports bike is categorically lightweight, which helps the rider to maintain a steady speed and balance the vehicle. Honda Grom comes with a super-efficient metal framework that makes it lightweight. Due to its low center of gravity, it becomes easy for the rider to maneuver the bike.


  • Outstanding power - With great design comes great acceleration and power - Honda Grom 125 comes with a single 125cc engine that gives sufficient acceleration and helps the rider make the most of it. 


  • Easy control - Maneuverability and simplistic control features make a Honda Grom 125 an easy pick for most bike lovers. Every little feature that comes with a standard motorcycle can be found on a Honda Grom, including a swift clutch, acceleration gears, turn indicators, and efficient disk brakes.


  • Open to customization - Most people think their Honda Grom 125 cannot be customized with upgraded parts. But it's not the reality. This motorcycle can be customized with modern, speed-improving parts that could enhance its power by multiple folds. 


4 Best Honda Grom Performance Parts You Must Consider

Here are a few performance parts that a Honda Grom owner must consider:


  • Nibbi VM22 Carburetor Kit - A carburetor for a bike's engine plays an integral role in maintaining the air-to-fuel ratio. It is placed inside the engine tank. The Nibbi VM22 Carburetor Kit comes with different spare parts that ease the repair and replacement of your Honda Grom's carburetor. Since this part is vital for the smooth movement of the bike, purchasing a carburetor kit is a good decision. 


  • Nibbi Racing Air Filter - Purchasing a new racing air filter for your Honda Grom helps maintain great combustion and keep dust and debris out of the air intake valves. Doing so will extend the lifespan of your Honda Grom, and you can enjoy a much faster, more efficient riding experience backed by a clean, powerful combustion engine. It is recommended to replace your bike's air filters frequently to ensure that unwanted air particles do not settle down on the engine's valves. Thus, having a Nibbi Racing Air Filter for your Honda Grom is best for enhanced acceleration. 


  • Carbon Fiber Performance Exhaust - Shifting to carbon fiber parts is an ideal step to lighten your bike's weight and make it handier. Carbon fiber performance exhaust gives less weight to the bike's engine and makes it capable of better acceleration and pickup. In addition, it significantly reduces the exhaust noise and increases the overall mileage. 


  • 17" Tooth Sprocket - While pocket bikes like Honda Grom offer acceleration gears, you can improvise the speed performance of your mini bike by introducing a 17" Tooth Sprocket in the front and rear tires. It will enhance the gearing potential of your bike. 



Upgrading and replacing bike parts is tedious because you need to do a lot of research to find the right store. And the problem doubles up when it comes to finding a dealer who sells pocket bike parts.

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