XPro Grom Clone

XPro Escapades: Adventures in Building and Riding the Ultimate Grom Clone

Do you know which Grome Clone is making the headlines now? X-Pro 125 has now become the go-to choice in the world of Grom Clone. The Xpro Grom Clone is considered the OG, which is currently ruling the world. The vehicle has everything in it which enhances its quality. Its air-cooled 125cc engine will give you an excellent and seamless riding quality. So, the vehicle has everything a biker would expect from a quality clone.

Moreover, for upgrading, you can get spare parts and fairings from Vader Parts. So, you can upgrade and ride it to witness an excellent experience.

In this article, you will get a deep insight into the specifications and performance of this Grom clone. Moreover, you will know how to upgrade to get the best riding experience.

Specifications of XPro Engine

The engine has 125cc, 4-Stroke, and 1-cylinder. The maximum power produced is 6.2KW. At the same time, it offers a maximum torque of 8.5n.m per 7500r per min. The cooling system is air-cooled, and the start system is electric. Its transmission is completely manual. The vehicle’s ignition is Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI). It is a type of automotive electronic ignition system. Moreover, the top speed of the vehicle is 55+ Mph.

All these specifications of its engine result in a smooth riding experience for street bike lovers.

What’s Special About The New Upgraded X-PRO 125cc Vader With Manual Transmission?

The new upgraded version comes with so many advanced upgrades to give a great riding experience to the rider. Here is the upgrade list of the X-PRO 125cc.

  • Free Upgraded Digital Speedometer – Now, the speed will be displayed in digital numbers. With the odometer, you will know your bike’s mileage. Moreover, it comes with the activation of various color screen combos. It includes adjusting the time zone and changing from MPH to KMH.
  • Free Upgraded Front Fork Absorbers – This is the reason behind the smooth and seamless ride. The absorbers offer better handle and adsorption in different terrains.
  • Turn Signals Upgradation – It will offer brighter signals for night-time drives with a much better-looking impact.
  • Upgraded Racing Tires – Now, the racing tires have the best grip. These will help on the road of different terrains very well. It will last 30% longer and be completely quiet.
  • Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Upgradation has improved the braking power of the vehicle. Moreover, now it offers higher performance.
  • Upgradation of dual front headlights and comfortable padded seating leather for a great riding experience.

Highlighting Specifications of the X Pro

  • The 125cc Vader grom clone got it's a specific design and structure for street use rather than the highway.
  • Its front and rear disc brakes offer stronger and reliable stopping power. The front one has 120/70-12, and the rear has 130/70-12 rear. Hence, the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes come with best-in-class quality.
  • It has a wider and thicker padded leather seat, ensuring an unbeatable rider and passenger experience. The X Pro has proven its comfort and style with this.
  • The vehicle has a large headlight and taillight to improve nighttime visibility. Moreover, its electroplated headlight housing gives a wow look to its style. If you are looking for boom grom parts like the headlights, you will easily get them from Vader Parts.
  • Overall, you will experience an outstanding ride with its 4-speed Manual Transmission.

Upgrade To Do List Every Biker Must Know

There are some necessary upgrades the bikers must know for the Xpro Grom Clone. Below is the list;

  • Changing Shipping Oil– It is better to upgrade the oil rather than go with the break-in oil.
  • Boom Vader Front Sprocket Upgrade– If you want a better performance upgrade, you have to increase the size of the front sprocket. Order the 17-tooth front sprocket from Vader Parts.
  • Boom Vader Carburetor Upgrade– The vehicle will benefit from an upgraded carburetor. You can order a complete carb kit.
  • Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade– You can upgrade the exhaust to low resistance and high flow. Replacement will also give the vehicle a rich sound.
  • Boom Vader Gas Tank Sealing– Grom Clones will be having problems with their stock motorcycle gas tanks. Hence, you must bring an additional gas tank sealer kit.

Easy Access to X Pro Grom Clone Spare Parts For Upgrades

Being a Honda Grom Clone, customers will get easy access to aftermarket parts and upgrades. These will fit both the original knock off grom and Grom Clone motorcycles. The spare parts have the same physical characteristics, which can be interchangeable. You will also enjoy doing the upgrades to give your vehicle a new look.

Final Thoughts

The X Pro Grome Clone is well-known for its overall adventurous riding experience. On the street roads, it is the ultimate vehicle to roar and hit. You will enjoy upgrading and riding the vehicle every time. If you want to get easy access to its clone spare parts, visit the Vader Parts. Here, you will get all the exclusive parts with similar features and characteristics.

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