Where Can I Find Good Parts For My 125cc Honda Grom Clone?

Where Can I Find Good Parts For My 125cc Honda Grom Clone?

Make your soul move on two wheels with genuine bike parts!

If you are a proud 125cc Honda Grom Clone owner and want to boost your motorcycle's power or ride your motorcycle faster, you need much more than a simple stock setup or a tire change.

Every motorcycle fiend purchases a motorcycle after a lot of planning, research, and analysis. Well, in most cases, a well-planned motorcycle purchase results in complete satisfaction, and the person who has bought the motorcycle enjoys its ride for a long time. It's normal for people to desire to update their bikes, even if they own the gorgeous and well-known 125cc Honda Grom Clone, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Even if you are unsatisfied with the speed, power, stability, or safety of your current Honda Grom Clone, you don't need to go extravagant and buy a brand-new motorcycle immediately. Instead, you can add a couple of Honda Grom Clone parts and upgrade your bike to enjoy the speed, stability, look, feel, and safety you have always desired. 

So, let’s look where you can find authentic, durable, and quality parts for your 125cc Honda Grom Clone motorcycle.

Can Parts Also Help You Upgrade Your Bike?

The answer is ‘YES.’ Changing different bike parts is the best way to upgrade your motorcycle. Whether you are planning to increase the speed, make the bike more stable, improve the horsepower, enhance the brakes, or boost the fuel economy, a part can be added to your motorcycle to achieve everything you have always thought of.

Finding Parts for Your Honda Grom Replica 125cc

You need more than the basic configuration to ride your motorcycle more quickly and draw attention simultaneously.

Here are our top 4 picks to enhance performance and appearance, despite the wide price range of aftermarket components and improvements.


The primary function of a carburetor is to supply the engine with the right mix of fuel and air. Some essential parts of a carburetor are a choke, storage chamber, air-flow restrictor, main jet, and accelerator pump. If you wish to improve the fuel economy of your Honda Grom replica 125cc, you can buy a new carburetor from an authentic motorcycle parts dealer. 

Even if you have been using your Honda Grom Clone for a long time and its fuel economy has degraded over time, you can still go for a 125cc carburetor upgrade and get rid of the old one. You will be surprised by the change in the fuel economy after changing the carburetor. 

New Exhaust

If you buy a new Honda Grom motorcycle part from an authentic dealer for an upgrade, you should always consider a new exhaust. This is the most common part considered by motorcycle owners when upgrading a motorcycle like a Honda Grom Replica 125cc. Also, any change to the stock is expected to look better. 

Using a new exhaust system will allow more air intake, and there will be reduced gas restrictions. This will result in better combustion and more horsepower. A slip-on will increase the horsepower of your motorcycle if purchasing a new exhaust system is out of your price range.


Mirrors on any motorcycle are a legal requirement; otherwise, the bike will no longer be street-legal, and you will only end up riding it in your backyard. Also, you always need to see what’s around you all the time. However, if you are fed up with your stock-looking mirrors because they look horrible, you can also go for a mirror upgrade. Stock-looking mirrors are not liked by many because of their size and projection. 

Some better alternatives you can always go for are blindsight bar end mirrors or CRG hindsight. Both these mirrors give you the best view, and they also complement the overall look of your bike. They will easily fit into your budget, and adding them to your motorcycle is a cakewalk. 

New Gearing

There are many ways to install new gears that are easy to use and control. But always remember, when you decide to upgrade the gear, just swapping the gear won’t serve any purpose as, along with the gear, many other motorcycle components need to be changed. 

If you plan to use your motorcycle for hill climbing, swapping gears becomes apparent, but if you need to improve with the maintenance and replacement of your motorcycle parts, experts always advise changing the gears. 

Where Can I Find the Best Parts For My Honda Grom?

If you have been exploring the internet for a long time and still haven’t been able to find the best place to buy parts for Honda Grom, you don’t need to look anywhere else as Vader Parts has brought you the most authentic, long-lasting, and quality parts for your favorite Honda Grom motorcycle. We have every part you need to upgrade your Honda Grom, from the carburetor to the brakes. 

Vader Parts: For Genuine Bike Parts, You Can Count On Us!

Our goal at Vader Parts is to help customers get back on the road, dirt, or track fast and economically. Our products ship quickly and without charge. Over 99% of our orders are completed, and we consistently ship our products on schedule. Most of our products leave our warehouse and are delivered within two to three business days.

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