What’s There in Ducati Monster 2021 Model for You: A Detailed Review!

What’s There in Ducati Monster 2021 Model for You: A Detailed Review!

From exclusivity to its origin from the racing tracks, Ducati bikes have loads of unique features that set them apart. One of the most talked-about categories of Ducati bikes is the “Monster.” 

The Ducati Monster has gone through a vast phase of transformation. Back in 1993, the newly launched Monster was based on the same frame used in Ducati 851 superbike. Even at that time, Ducati had managed to introduce high-end bikes in an accessible package. 

Since the launch of the first Monster, the chassis tech has transformed a lot. Today, Ducati superbikes are using a completely new frame design. Even the Monster has experienced the same transformation.

It might not be using a similar frame, but the design philosophy remains the same. The new Monster has unique features in a lighter, more compact, and essential form. Here is a look into the Ducati Monster 2021 as we bring you the most detailed review of the Monster 2021 model.

A Breathtaking Styling - On and Off the Road!

The Monster 2021 model is completely different from its earlier form, especially in terms of looks. Whether it is good or bad - we leave that for you to decide! The way the tank in the model is shaped gives a resemblance to the earlier model of Monster. However, the new tank is more chiseled. 

Even the absence of a bright-colored trellis makes the new Monster model 2021 look different. Also, the simple round headlamp has been replaced with a new oblong shaped headlamp. The DRL still has the same shape and size. 

One unique thing about the new model is incorporating a futuristic look into a retro design. A flattening angle is given to the rear and the taillights. It accentuates the overall look of the Ducati Monster's front fender

So, the new Monster Model is nostalgic for many people but in a more lean and purposeful manner and with a touch of modern look! 

A Powerful Engine That Never Lets You Stop!

The new model has been equipped with a new engine as well. If you are familiar with some of the unique offerings from Ducati, like the SuperSports 950, then you must have seen or heard about these kinds of engines before. 

The brake horsepower of the engine is 109bhp, and the torque stands at 93Nm. So the engine's power is something similar to the Street Triple R, but it comes with extra torque. Overall in the mid-range, the engine offers a strong punch. 

According to the claims made by Ducati, they have worked on the low-end torque, which is something noticeable in the new model. The Monster has even got an up-down quick shifter that works perfectly fine on hard shifting tracks. It makes the new model a lot more promising for dealing with real traffic. 

A Top-Class Riding and Handling

The reduction in the bike's overall weight is one of the most noticeable changes in the new model. The new frame has been divided into two parts. The front half of the frame has been bolted on the front cylinder head. The rear half of the frame has been bolted on the rear cylinder head. It makes the engine act as a stressed member to become lighter. 

Apart from the frame and engine, the wheels and swingarms also play a major role in reducing the overall weight of the Ducati Monster Front Fender. All this has reduced the overall weight by almost 18kg, well, that’s a big change!

According to the stats published by Ducati, the dry weight of the Ducati Monster is now around 166kg which earlier used to be around 184kg. The changes made by keeping the weight in mind have now made Monster very agile. 

Overall Verdict of Ducati Monster 2021

Removing the trellis frame takes away a little bit of nostalgia attached to the Monster model, but as per design philosophy, the new model is much closer to its older version. 

Both the performance and handling will surpass your expectations, and the first time you will hop on to the new model, you will feel like the old Monster package in a more convenient, lightweight, and powerful manner. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new kid on the block in terms of riding a bike or a seasoned biker; the new Ducati Monster Front Fender model 2021 is up for it. 

There might have been a lot of changes introduced in the new model, but since it has not lost touch and feel of the pristine Monster model, both new and veteran Monster lovers are going to enjoy it. So, are you ready to enjoy the ride, feel the power and control by riding the new Monster model 2021?

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