Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing ICEBEAR 50CC Automatic Engine

Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing ICEBEAR 50CC Automatic Engine

Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing ICEBEAR 50CC Automatic Engine


Purchasing a new motorcycle is always an exciting adventure. Usually, people check out various brands, visit showrooms, and do test drives to make the best purchase. 

Every motorcycle brand has its own pros and cons. When it comes to ICEBEAR, it stands out from the crowd. It is a well-known brand in the motorcycle market. 

Its 50cc two-wheeler category is unquestionably one of the most popular segments. The ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine is a new upgrade in the market. It comes with lots of functionalities and power that will make your ride more smooth.


Specifications Of ICEBEAR 50cc Automatic Engine


  • 50cc Engine

The ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine is a lightweight engine. It is safer and more suited to inner-city trips. The engine comes with incredible features, like automatic transmission and a CDI start system. The best part about the ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine is that you can go on a long trip without thinking twice about the performance. It delivers a smooth performance that gives you an excellent cruising experience and allows you to have more fun.


  • Automatic Transmission

This engine belongs to the category of automatic transmission or self-shifting transmission engines. It means that the engine can be controlled without using a clutch pedal. As the motorcycle/scooter moves, the gear will change automatically. So, if you experience trouble shifting gears, it's a perfect option for you.


  • 4 Stroke GY6 Motor

The ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine features a four-stroke single-cylinder motor. The motor is made from quality material and can last for a long time. It also includes an air cooling system that boosts its efficiency.


Compatible Models for ICEBEAR 50CC Automatic Engine - Compatible With All Icebear 50cc Scooters/Motorcycles

Compatibility is one of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing an automatic engine. If you accidentally buy the wrong engine, you may find it difficult to fit the engine into your two-wheeler. In case you successfully fix the engine, it will hamper the vehicle's performance in the long run. So, experts always recommend consulting with a professional and knowing which automatic engine will suit your model.


Before making a final selection, double-check all the details of the engine you are buying and settle any doubts with the engine provider. It will save you time and money.


However, this is not the case with the ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine. You don't need to consult or double-check the engine’s details to determine whether it suits your model. Why? Well, the ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine is compatible with all the ICEBEAR 50cc scooters and motorcycles. 


Compatible Models


  • PMZ50-19
  • PMZ50-20
  • PMZ50-21
  • PMZ50-22 
  • PMZ50-M1
  • PMZ50-M5
  • PMZ50-4J
  • PMZ50-17
  • PST50-19N
  • PST50-1Z
  • PST50-2
  • PST50-17


But, you may find it difficult to locate a store that sells the original ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine. If that's the case, you can shop online from us. We will deliver the engine to your home.


Generic GY6 50cc Engine That Is Compatible With Most Aftermarket Scooters

The ICEBAR engine is basically a GY6 50cc engine that comes with a four-stroke single-cylinder. Motor companies from Taiwan, China, and surrounding countries usually prefer these engines. These engines are compatible with most aftermarket scooters.


Here are some upgrades to the GY6 50cc engine:



The engine comes with CDI (Capacitor Discharge ignition) that controls the ignition's sparks' intensity and regulates engine timing. A high-performance CDI advances the engine timing allowing higher low rpm torque.



If you have never replaced or purchased a motorcycle/scooter engine, you should invest time searching for options and identifying the best one. The same goes with the ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engine; you should search for a reputable store and ask about the engine's specifications.

Look for knowledgeable and renowned motorcycle parts dealers on the internet. Do the research and go through internet reviews of the store and images of the engine before making a final purchase.

Vader Parts is one of the trustworthy motorbike parts retailers that sell ICEBEAR 50cc automatic engines at a competitive price. We deal in a wide range of motorbike parts that stand high on quality and durability standards. In addition, we offer interest-free payment options and free shipping in all US states. 

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