The Benefits of Upgrading Your Motorcycle's Suspension for Improved Handling

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Motorcycle's Suspension for Improved Handling

Here’s what motorcycle riders generally think about suspension upgrades: you are feeling a lot of bumps in the road while you ride, and to get a smoother ride, you think of upgrading your suspension system. However, the suspension has more uses than simply a comfortable ride. For example, your Honda Grom handlebars are not just the only part of the bike that determines the handling of the bike. Changing your suspensions can improve the handling of all bike classes, be it 200cc, 800cc, or a liter bike.

So, changing your suspension can help you get better comfort or better performance on the track. In this blog, we will go in-depth on how to achieve your goal of better handling and how suspension plays a role in that.

The Different Parts That Determine Your Handling

Handling is your ability to change the direction of the bike with ease and at will. The different parts of the bike that help with proper handling are:

  • Tires: Different types of tires provide different types of grip and control. It is important to get the right type of tires for your bike so you can have better traction and stability, which will, in turn, determine your handling of the bike.
  • The frame of the bike: We all know how hard it is to turn a Harley compared to a sports bike like a Ducati or a compact bike like a Honda Grom. Because the handlebars in a chopper or a cruiser are set apart from the frame of the bike, the response is not as quick. The Honda Grom handlebars, on the other hand, are compact and allow the light bike to swivel and move around with ease. The difference is, of course, in the intention of the manufacturer. Cruisers are built for performance in a straight line, with the Honda Grom handlebars designed for situations such as city riding. Suppose you want an agile bike, a bike such as the Honda Grom, or a naked sports bike. You can even pick Grom clone bikes – every part, from the Honda Grom clone electric start to the suspensions, is designed for an agile and fun performance.
  • Suspension: As mentioned earlier, the suspension system is crucial to your bike's handling. It absorbs the shock and impact of the road, allowing you to maintain control and stability as you ride. The quality of your suspension system can greatly affect your bike's handling, with a high-quality system providing a smoother and more stable ride.
  • Brakes: Brakes are an important safety mechanism that is there to help you in case anything goes wrong. A powerful braking system will also give you confidence in your bike.

How Important is the Suspension in Improving Handling?

Here is our golden rule: a tighter suspension will help you corner and handle better, while a softer suspension system will help you have a more comfortable ride.

The key is balance, though. No one breaks their backs on their backs, and no one wants boring rides where you can’t have a little fun. Most of us ride our backs as hobbies, of course. 

There are several components that make up a motorcycle's suspension system. Shock absorbers work to dampen the vibrations and shock from the rear wheel, providing a smoother and more stable ride. Springs keep everything functioning properly. Upgrading your motorcycle's suspension system can have a significant impact on your bike's handling and overall riding experience. With a high-quality suspension system in place, you'll be able to navigate tricky turns with greater ease and confidence. 

The Physics of Turning on Two Wheels

Are you aware of the concept of counter-steering? If you are a seasoned rider, chances are that you are.

Put simply, pushing the left handlebar outwards leans the bike, and in turn turns it, to the left. Pushing the right handlebar away from you leans it and turns it to the right.

When you turn on a motorcycle, there are two forces at play: centrifugal force and the force of gravity. Centrifugal force is the force that pulls an object away from the center of its rotation. In the case of a motorcycle turning, centrifugal force pulls the bike away from its straight-line path and towards the outside of the turn.

The amount of lean required depends on the speed of the turn and the radius of the turn. The faster you're going and the tighter the turn, the more you'll need to lean on your bike. This is why riders in professional racing circuits often lean their bikes at extreme angles!

Our Top Tips For Improving Handling

Consult a trusted parts dealer to help you choose a suspension upgrade for better handling performance. Ask them all sorts of questions you have and get other parts upgraded to work in tandem. Use countersteering to turn more confidently into corners. However, always corner into a clear line of sight because it may be dangerous turning into a blind corner.

Handling is critical to motorcycle riding, affecting everything from safety to performance. By upgrading your suspension, understanding the physics of turning, and implementing best practices, you can significantly improve your bike's handling and enjoy a smoother, more controlled ride. Whether you're a racer seeking to shave seconds off your lap times or a casual rider looking to enhance your experience, handling upgrades are a worthwhile investment for any motorcycle enthusiast.

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