Take a Deep Breath: Here's How Bike Air Filters Can Improve the Performance of Your Vehicle!

Take a Deep Breath: Here's How Bike Air Filters Can Improve the Performance of Your Vehicle!



We all inhale oxygen through the surrounding environment, which passes through the nose. The surrounding air particles contain many dust particles, which are removed by the hairs present in the nose. These hairs act as a guard that keeps harmful air particles from coming along with the oxygen we inhale. Thus, protecting our internal organs from damage.

Similarly, in motorcycles, air filters are used to remove dust particles. These filters keep the harmful dust particles from entering the internal and sensitive components of the bike. Let's dig out more about this device to understand its proper functioning!

What Functions Do Motorcycle Air Filters Serve? 

The air filter in motorcycles acts as a shield that restricts every undesirable particle coming along the air into the bike. It filters the air before allowing it to go inside the bike's framework, advancing better burning.

The air filter helps deliver consistent power and improves the motorcycle's performance. Most motorcycle air filters are usually made of single or various layers of filtrates that help filter the toxins and particulate matter from the air before it enters the motor.

What Are the Different Types of Air Filters? 

Based on the size and usage, there are two different types of air filters Nibbi air filter and Mikuni carburetor air filter:

  • Nibbi Air Filter 

One of the most famous air filters online is Nibbi Air Filter, which is suggested as an overhaul for motorcycles. It has two unique features. The first is that it is reusable. Second, it is easily washable, making it ideal for people who don't want to spend on regular repair and change. The Nibbi air filters of 7.8 ounces come with an air input side diameter of 48mm. 

  • Mikuni Air Filter

Mikuni carburetor air filter are one of the best options available on the market. These air filters are easy to install. This air filter weighs around 12.8 ounces and has dimensions of 14 x 10 x 4 inches.

What Is the Role of Air Filter in a Motorcycle? 

The carburetor air filter's primary function is to guarantee that clean air is passed into the motor by removing impurities from the air.

Modern Air Filters

Nowadays, many bikes come with reusable air filters. Such an air filter ensures the smooth running of a motor. However, it can cause a severe dip in the bike's acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Woes of the Monsoon 

Most air filters can work in splashing rain, but during a flood, there are increased chances of water entering the carburetor. Thus, it is advised to clean and check the air filters properly. And if possible, avoid cruising on your motorcycle until the condition gets normal.

Off-roaders Enthusiasts

During off-roading, the need for air filters becomes more critical because of flying dust particles. And In this situation, keeping the bike and air filters 24/7 clean can't be possible. That's why most off-roading lovers carry an extra set for emergency cases.


Where to Find the Motorcycle's Air Filter? 

Usually, air filters or their assembly are located behind the fuel injector or carburetor. It is neatly fixed under the body panels or seat.


Did Your Bike's Engine Breathe Directly from Its Mouth? 

Yes, the motorcycle breathes directly from its mouth, so it's essential to use an excellent air filter. You can use a Mikuni air filter or Nibbi Air Filter.


Why Is It Important to Clean and Replace the Filter at Regular Intervals? 

It is essential to change as well as keep the air filters after a certain period. This is important because if the air filters are not cleaned properly, they can affect the vehicle's performance. Thus, cleaning and even replacing them at regular intervals is essential.  


What Would Happen If the Air Filter Is Completely Removed? 

If we remove the air filter from the motorcycle, the pollutants will enter the motor, blend with the motor oil, and flow around the internals. This can lead to friction, which could chip away pieces of metal from the internals and blend in with the oil. This affects the overall performance of the motorcycle.


How Frequently Should Air Filters be Replaced? 

After traveling almost 20kms, one should change the air filters. And also, it should be checked after every ride. And in regular intervals, the filters are needed to be replaced.


A Guide to Air Filter Replacement

First, you need to find where it is located on the motorcycle. Then, disconnect the fuel pipe from either the tap or carburetor. Afterward, also disconnect fuel tank sensors from other wirings. Once the fuel tank is removed, you can replace the filters easily. 


What Things Should You Keep in Mind Always?

  • Never permit the technician to penetrate openings in old, filthy air filters.
  • The timing for changing or cleaning air filters relies upon your city road condition.
  • For bikes that work in dusty circumstances, occasionally focusing on the air cleaner will guarantee longer working life for the motor.


What Makes the Mikuni Carburettor Air Filter Unique? 

Mikuni carburetor air filter have a more significant filter surface region, reducing airflow restrictions. Its power-packed design allows air delivery in the most direct manner possible. Consequently, the vehicle motor can work at its most extreme potential.



Keeping the air filter clean is essential to guarantee that the bike's motor performs optimally. Above, we have shared some tips to easily clean and replace your bike's filter. When replacing your bike's air filter, it's best to choose the best option available on the market. You can browse our site for the best motorcycle air filters and other bike parts. 






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