Boom Vader 125cc

Rock the Galaxy: Get Your Boom Vader Today!

Want to invest in a Boom Vader 125cc? Before investing in a motorcycle, you must be aware of its factors and specifications. No doubt that Boom Vader is the current popular Grom clone in the marketplace. This is why bike lovers are eagerly looking for Boom Vader for sale. This bike is the perfect urban mobility user, allowing you to comfortably get from one point to another with amazing fuel efficiency. The Boom Vader has an average fuel economy of up to 75 MPG and can carry up to two gallons. At Vader Parts, you can easily get its updated parts to upgrade and ready your vehicle to rock.

Here are the considerations to check out before investing in Boom Vader 125cc.

Why Should You Buy The Assembled Version of Boom Vader?

There are numerous benefits of buying an assembled version with Boom Vader 125cc parts. Check out the advantages below.

  • Properly Assembled

Every rider wants a hassle-free ride with their new bike. This is why it is recommended to go for an assembled version. Once you are sure that a professional has assembled it, you can ride without any worries. But, when you buy an unassembled version, it becomes a headache. You have to follow the manual guide and assemble it on your own.

  • Saves Time and Money

When you invest in an assembled version, it will save you time and money. When you take your unassembled bike to a local shop, they will charge you more. This will be an extra investment out of your pocket. Moreover, it will also take more time to get your bike ready for your first ride with Boom Vader. So it's better to buy the assembled version to get rid of these hassles.

  • No More Risk of Losing Parts

Unassembled units of Boom Vader come with the assembly hardware in a separate box or bag. So, there is a chance of losing the parts during shipping. With a fully assembled unit, buyers can have one less thing to worry about. When everything is assembled, you don't have to worry about losing any of the parts. Statistically, fully assembled units are more likely to arrive undamaged during shipping.

Note: If you want to buy spare parts for your current vehicle, get them from Vader Parts. You will get the complete part for your Boom Vader 190cc or 125cc at the best price.

Newly Upgraded Parts of 125cc Vader With Manual Transmission

  • Digital Speedometer

Now, the new digital speedometer is available at Vader Parts. You can see the speed in digital numbers on the display. Moreover, odometer readings will let you know how much millage your Boom Vader has. Also, you can activate it with various color screen combos. You can see the change from MPH to KMH and notice the time zone.

  • Front Fork Absorbers

This Boom 125cc Baodiao upgrade part offers a smoother and seamless ride. It will result in better handling and absorption to show your cool stunt skills.

  • Turn Signals

With the upgraded turn signals, you can now witness brighter nighttime rides. No more driving hassles at low light conditions. The new upgrade offers better visibility than before.

  • Racing Tires

The tires are also upgraded and hold a better grip on the road. Now, at any terrain type, you will enjoy flexible riding. Moreover, the new tires guarantee to last 30% longer than before and are completely quiet.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The brakes have also undergone an upgrade for enhanced braking power. It promises to offer higher performance with great ride convenience.

  • Dual Front Headlights

The upgraded dual front headlights have higher illuminating power than before.

  • Comfortable Leather Padded Seating

New seat upgrades of Boom Vader 125cc are also available for a comfortable ride.

All the above-upgraded parts are available at Vader Parts. You can purchase with a great discount and save huge.

General Specifications of Boom Vader 125cc

  • Engine Type - single cylinder, 4-stroke

  • Cooling - air-cooled

  • Piston Displacement -127cc

  • Maximum Power - 6.3/7500kw/r/min

  • Maximum Torque - 8.8/5500N.m./rpm

  • Transmission - 4 Gears

  • Ignition - CDI

  • Maximum Speed - 49.7mi/h

  • Net Weight - 242.5 lbs

  • Gross Weight 5 lbs

  • Battery - 12V/7A

  • Seat Height - 29.5

  • Front Tire - 120/70-12

  • Rear Tire - 120/70-12

Why is Boom Vader 125cc the Best Choice?

With its new sleek, the Boom Vader 125cc bike is a head turner on the road while riding. It features amazing style and performance with its newly updated Boom Vader 125cc exhaust. The vehicle also promises comfort and style to give a better riding experience. It comes with a 4-speed manual clutch. Therefore, it has become ideal and perfect for beginners learning to drive or for those who don't need too powerful a vehicle for city riding.


With these ideas on general specifications and new upgrades, you can now make a reliable purchase. Do not forget to get the upgraded parts from Vader Parts to make it completely ready to rock on the roads.

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