Love Pocket Bikes? You Should Consider Honda Grom Clone

Love Pocket Bikes? You Should Consider Honda Grom Clone

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Honda Grom Clone is a fantastic bike weighing around 227 pounds. It comes with a redesigned 125cc engine and a stylish look, which became so popular that the company had to launch many clones or copies of the original Honda Grom.  

Many people find the ergonomic design and small body of the Honda Grom Clone superb to ride. There are more than 12 different Honda Grom copies. Here, we have compiled the list of the top 5 Honda Grom Clones.  

What's Special in a Honda Grom Clone? 

The one thing that makes the Honda Grom Clone unique is its design. Certain features of the Honda Grom were redesigned in its Clones. These bikes are also budget-friendly. That's because many Honda Grom Clones are manufactured in China at a price lower than the original Honda Grom. The exhaust pipe makes it unique, which increases the engine's power and inflow of air. 

It is perfect for the novice because of its lightweight and comfort. Once you learn to ride it, you can have more fun on it. Moreover, if you are looking for a bike for the moderate race, you can probably choose the Honda Grom as its tires tightly grip the ground. Additionally, it is so light that you can easily take it out if it gets stuck in the mud. 

What Are the Advantages of Honda Grom Clones?

Apart from being the alternative to Honda Grom, there are other benefits of buying this bike. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a Honda Grom Clone:

  • Low Price

What makes it different from the original Honda is its price. It is much cheaper than the original Honda Grom. So people can easily afford it.

  • Loaded with Features

The Honda Grom Clone has many unique features - it comes with a five-speed transmission and can generate around 9.6 hp. Also, it comes with fuel injection and gas mileage of 134 mpg.

  • Less Maintenance

The Honda bike clone requires minor maintenance. You don't have to change the parts every time. 

  • Flagship

Honda is a big name in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Their bikes are highly-reliable. Apart from this, you can get the replacement parts quickly. 

Top 5 Best Honda Grom Clones 

  • Honda Grom Clone Benelli TNT 135

The Benelli Bike can generate over 11 hp and easily reach up to 70 mph, which is far better than the original Honda Grom. The gearbox is another significant feature of the bike. With its 5-speed manual transmission, the Benelli TNT makes riding at high speeds even more practical.

  • SSR Razkull 125

The SSR Razkull is manufactured in China and is somewhat similar to the Ducati bike, costing around $2000. One main factor that accounts for the lower price is a copy of the original. It has an electric starter to start the bike that will surely embrace your ride. Plus, it comes with a 12-month warranty. 

  • Tao Tao Hellcat 125 

It comes with a 125cc engine connected to the carburetor. Its speeds range from 55 to 60mph. If any parts of this bike get damaged, they can be easily replaceable.

  • Kymco K-Pipe

It has a 125cc engine which is air cooled. It boasts full-sized tires frequently regarded as superior to the previous Honda Grom and delivers incredible fuel efficiency. 

  • Icebear Fuerza

Icebear Fuerza is also manufactured in China and closely resembles minibikes' features. It costs around 2000 dollars.

Why Should You Buy a Honda Grom Clone?

People are perplexed about whether choosing a clone will be a good decision. Because many people think it won't be as good as the Honda Grom, although it is a clone, it has all the features of the original one.


The Honda Grom Clones resemble the original Honda Grom Bike, having the same feature as the original one. Only one thing is different: its price is much lower than the original one. Also, you will easily find its upgrade parts in the market. You can visit our site; we have an array of pocket bike parts for both replacement and upgrades. We also have a Honda Clone exhaust pipe. Or, you can contact us to know more about any product we have.

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