Is X18 Super Pocket Bike Faster Than Other Super Pocket Bikes? Let's Dig Out the Real Fact!

Is X18 Super Pocket Bike Faster Than Other Super Pocket Bikes? Let's Dig Out the Real Fact!

X18 Super Pocket Bike

Super pocket bikes are the most realistic miniature motorcycles that give you almost the same kind of feel as standard ones. These bikes are smaller, compact, stylish as well as powerful enough to make your ride full of fun. 

Pocket bikes are incredible whether you are a professional rider or a newbie. The comfort, lightweight, and smooth maneuver are some of the characteristics that make them a preferred choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Many super pocket bikes are equipped with all the standard equipment such as headlights, signal lights, horns, keyed ignition systems, and sequential manual shifting. 

In addition, some super pocket motorcycles also include analog and digital gauges. However, the market is flooded with pocket bikes. And finding the right one is quite difficult.

Most people go for a powerful one and search for 110 to 125cc bike engines for sale

But what exactly is a pocket bike, and should you purchase it? Is it legal to ride a pocket bike? Let's find the answers in this blog post.

What Is a Pocket Bike? 

Pocket bikes are typically referred to as racing bikes that range between 50cc - 110cc engine. However, you can also find 125cc bike engines for sale.

It's a joy to ride a pocket bike. These bikes are the little gems of the modern era's motorcycle world. Usually, pocket bikes come with aluminum or steel frames that give them a solid foundation. 

These bikes will get you over hills and provide hours of entertainment. When you buy one of these bikes, you'll have a lot of fun and a lot to learn. 

Because of their small size, it makes riding much smoother and allows riders to maintain stability easily. 

These days, there is a growing need for small, lightweight bikes. You'll find a lot of suppliers and competitors to pick from. But how to choose the best one? 

So, there's a right-hand thumb rule for this - always conduct a deep research to ensure you get the best one per your needs.


Should You Consider a Pocket Bike?

Pocket bikes are great to ride around the neighborhood or in parks and trails. An experience of its own!

Racing on dedicated circuits, designed as compact Power Sport vehicles while keeping the appearance of full-sized sport bikes, is how pocket bikes are known. 

They are smaller and can be enjoyed by everyone. You can easily ride a pocket bike with much control and fun. The best part is that these bikes can run on electricity or gas. Even when you choose the gasoline option, it will not load on your wallet as these bikes give an excellent average. Overall, purchasing them is a win-win situation. 


Are Pocket Bikes Legal? 

Yes, pocket bikes are legal in the United States and Canada for OFF ROAD use only. 

However, there are restrictions on their usage on streets and highways. Why? Let's take a closer look at this. 

No matter where you live in Canada and the USA, it is against the law to ride a pocket bike on public highways or sidewalks. Why?

This is because of several reasons: 


  • It's hard for other vehicle drivers to notice you because of the small size of pocket bikes. Imagine riding a pocket bike next to a pick-up truck. Can you expect the truck driver to be able to see you? 


  • There is a danger since they are too slow for the highway. These bikes won't be able to keep up with the street or highway traffic.


  • Some pocket bikes don't have features like mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, and horns, which are necessary for a motorcycle to become 'street legal.'

But there is a way to make your pocket bike street legal.

  • Contact an expert to determine whether you can turn your pocket bike into street legal.
  • Equip your minibike with all the equipment mentioned above.
  • Take out an insurance policy.
  • Register the bike through DMV and get a set of plates to put on your bike.
  • Take the motorcycle through inspection and get a valid inspection sticker.

Can Adults Ride Pocket Bikes? 

Designed primarily for children (as toys), pocket bikes are quick, exciting, and a blast to ride. But have you ever wondered if adults can ride pocket bikes?

Well, pocket bikes are also suitable for adults. However, how comfortable it is for an adult completely depends on his or her weight and height. 

A 40cc pocket bike can carry 150 pounds and go at a maximum speed of 18 mph (29 kilometers per hour). Adult males worldwide weigh an average of 137 pounds and stand an average of 5 foot 8 inches tall (171.45 cm). This implies that you can easily ride a pocket bike if you weigh less than 150 pounds and are around 5.8 feet tall. 


People who weigh and are taller than recommended should avoid riding minibikes. This is because it can be difficult to turn this bike as they have to crush their legs up.


However, pocket bikes are popular among most adults due to their combination of pleasure and portability. 


Which Pocket Bike Is Best? 

The Venom X18 50cc super pocket bike is known to be the best on the market for beginners or anyone trying to scoot around town.

Venom X18 super pocket bike plastics have become more popular among youngsters and adults. Why? 

Well, this is because of its super practical and appealing designs and, most importantly, its powerful engine. Engineers used the most advanced CAD techniques to develop the X18's frame and subframe from scratch. 

This pocket bike has a sleek shape that enhances its stability and aerodynamic performance, which reduces drag to an extremely low level. 

When you combine the Race-prepped suspension system with the X18 super pocket bike, you'll be able to take on the quickest sweepers and the tightest curves. 

X18 super pocket bike comes with hydraulic brakes and Racing calipers that allow it to stop at a record distance.

Are There Any Racing Pocket Bikes Available?

Most pocket bikes are powered by gas and developed for racing purposes. These bikes have a modest engine, yet they can reach high speeds. Originally intended for racing, these pocket motorcycles have become more popular among children. You can find a range of pocket bike options at Venom Motor Sports.

How Fast Is X18 Super Pocket Bike?

X18 50cc can reach up to 40 Mph and is registerable as a moped scooter, even with its motorcycle body.

However, Venom X18 110cc super pocket bikes are powered by a tweaked Honda®-Based 110cc 4-Stroke Engine that allows the bike to reach stratospheric RPMs in a couple of ticks. The needle sweeps to 70+ mph top speed, which is more than any other pocket bike.

Are x18 Super Pocket Bike Parts Available Online?

Yes, If you want to buy any Super Pocket Bike parts or anything else, you can reach out to Vader Parts. They have almost all parts of Venom X18, check out their website and purchase one for your bike for upgrading purposes.


Pocket bikes are super fun. With their stylish designs and powerful engine, they will make your journey super smooth and comfortable. However, not all pocket bikes are street legal, meaning you can not ride them on highways and streets for safety reasons. That's why it's best to go for stylish, powerful street legal minibikes. 

In the world of pocket bikes, Venom X18 has a special position. This is because of its elegant design that gives the rider more stability and comfort and allows easy maneuvering. If you have Venom X18 and are thinking of upgrading or changing any of its parts but finding it difficult to find these parts, you can check out our website. Just enter the part you are looking for on the search bar of our website and press enter to get the results. If any part is unavailable on our site or you have any questions, reach out to us through

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