Is the 2021 Ducati Monster Right Bike for Pro Riders?

Is the 2021 Ducati Monster Right Bike for Pro Riders?

Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster began as a jumble of pieces from other Ducatis of the period and became a worldwide sensation among motorcycle enthusiasts, spawning an entirely new subgenre of bikes. In 2021, Ducati Monster made a comeback to really become a "Monster." But should you go for this bike? Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of this bike!


  • Bye Bye to Trellis Frame

The characteristic trellis frame enforced a design language on the past three Monster incarnations. But the new variant came without the trellis frame.

However, trellis has already been disappearing piece-by-piece in the last two monster generations. But there is a reason behind this - Ducati wants to attract new generation motorcycle enthusiasts who are not bound up in thirty-year design history.


  • Real Urban-rural Machine

The new Monster is 40 pounds lighter than the Monster 821. Thanks to Ducati's extensive weight-saving efforts. It's a great deal! Compared to the previous models, the rear subframe sheds 4.2 pounds, the swingarm sheds 3.5 pounds, the wheels shed 3.75 pounds, and the engine sheds another 5.7 pounds. Moreover, the bike has a 937cc Testastretta 11° engine used in the Hypermotard 950 and Multistrada 950. 


  • Lighter Than Monster 821

Ducati has reduced the weight of the new model. With its front half attached to the front cylinder head and the back half attached to the cylinder head, the engine acts as a stressed member in the new frame, which is significantly lighter. The wheels and swingarm are also more lightweight, resulting in a total weight reduction of 18 kg. The Monster's dry weight presently stands at 166 kg. Its non-adjustable USD front and rear mono-shock with preload adjustment make up the suspension setup best for riding. 

On the road, its turn-in is quick and light, and it's a joy to ride. The broad handlebars make it easier to ride in corners and maintain stability. 

The bike doesn't feel heavy, clunky, or awkward at any time. It's just smooth like butter.


  • The Power and Torque Curves Are Quite

Ducati Monster's throttle response is more gradual; the DTC, DWC, and ABS are turned up to provide additional protection. In urban mode, the bike's power is capped at 75 horsepower, and its safety features are highly optimized. The front wheel's ABS is activated in all settings. Overall, this is a top-notch bike with high safety and performance. 


  • Better Steering

This steering damper is an engineering masterpiece, a need for reducing handlebar vibration and enhancing motorbike stability. It includes billet aluminum brackets and all installation components for better maneuvering.


  • Three Riding Modes

The new Monster combines Panigale technology into the small entry-level with enhanced rider controls. The bike has three separate riding modes - Urban, Touring, and Sport. In addition, the bike comes with fully-adjustable traction control, launch control, wheelie control, and cornering ABS that is sensitive to lean angles.


  • Great Suspension

In 2021, a new engine will be installed in the Monster. When it comes to the 937cc Testastretta L-twin engine, it's a familiar one if you've ever ridden a Ducati Supersport 950 or Multistrada 950. 


The engine boasts 109 horsepower and 93 nm of torque, less powerful than a Street Triple R, but it has the most torque of any vehicle on the market. It has a distinct delivery style. It roars and packs a powerful punch in the mid-range. 

According to Ducati, they've improved on the low-end torque, and it's apparent. They have even worked on suspensions. The new model's suspension now provides about 5" of travel via a non-adjustable 43 mm upside-down fork.


  • Excellent Built Quality

The new Monster has excellent build quality. Ducati had really done a great job tucking away all the wires and tubes that come with a modern computerized machine. The new model feels clean and new. They've added detailed design touches to different surfaces and textures around the bike.


  • Monstrously Stylish

In order to truly understand why the Monster has become such an iconic figure, we must first examine its aesthetics. It's up to you to judge whether or not the 2021 Monster is better or worse than the previous one. The tank's form resembles the preceding Monster, although it is now more chiseled. 

Additionally, the headlight has a new form with a DRL that is rectangular in appearance instead of the traditional circular shape. When it comes to the Monster's retro look, it now has a futuristic edge. The taillight, the tail section, and the tail section all look great from this viewpoint. 


Do Your Ducati Monster Parts Need an Upgrade or Replacement?

It's always best to upgrade your Honda grom handlebars and Ducati Monster gear shifter with performance upgrades such as:


  • Nibbi VM 26mm Carburetor Package + Intake Manifold
  • Nibbi Performance Air Filter
  • 17" Tooth Upgraded Sprocket


You may visit the following link for all the upgradable parts you can do on your bike:



Ducati is staying true to the brand promise and heritage they established initially. 

From the beginning, the Monster was conceived as a road-oriented superbike with an approachable superbike engine. In 2021, Ducati launched a new Monster inspired by the Panigale superbikes rather than the vintage motorcycles. 

Above, we've mentioned some of the characteristics of the Ducati Monster. Check them out and think about whether you should buy this bike.







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