Honda Grom Shifter

Is Honda Grom the Best Ever-Made Motorcycle?

Honda Grom Shifter

When it comes to pit and pocket bikes, the Honda Grom is the best choice to pick. It gained massive popularity when it was launched in 2013, and since then, it has been used in many mini-bike racing events. But what's the reason behind this massive success?

Well, Honda Grom is better than many pocket bikes in several ways - it is affordable, user-friendly, small in size, and easy to maintain. It has a superb 125cc engine that allows the rider to reach up to 55-60 mph. All these features make the Honda Grom a popular option among bike enthusiasts.

What's Special About Honda Grom?

Honda Grom is better than other motorbikes in many ways. Most importantly, it is fully street-legal and is primarily used in Eastern American regions. Here are some special features of this bike:

  • 125cc Engine

The Honda Grom comes with a robust 125cc engine that can get speed up to 55-60mph. It does not heat up quickly, which makes it ideal for long drives. 

  • Smaller Sized Bike

The size of the Honda Grom is relatively small, the same as that of a scooter, but it is suitable for driving on the road. This bike is a perfect option for youngsters and beginners. 

Is Honda Grom Comfortable for Off-road?

Yes, you can take the Honda Grom off-road as it is lightweight and safe to ride. The tire's grip makes riding more comfortable and smooth. The bike has five gears that give the rider more control over speed. In case the bike gets stuck in the mud, you can easily take it out as it is lightweight.

What About Race?

If you want to participate in a mini-race, you should pick Honda Grom. It can reach up to 60 mph, which is far better than many pocket bikes. Additionally, its super suspension gives riders more comfort, especially while off-roading. 

Other Things to Look

Apart from having one of the best engines and a lightweight body, it has some other features which make it a popular choice:

  • Suspension

Suspension is a critical component to consider when choosing a bike. When you take the Honda Groom to 45 mph or at low and medium speeds, the suspension is more than adequate to enjoy a ride.

  • Engine

As discussed earlier, it has a 125cc engine that can power up your rides. Plus, its engine experiences less wear and damage than many high-revving motors because of its relatively low RPM.

  • Gearing

The Honda Grom has five gears. The function of stock gearing is to provide high speed to the motorbike. Moreover, you can make some changes to make it faster. If you want to increase the speed of your Honda Groom, you can contact our experts. We will let you know what parts you should change or upgrade to attain a faster speed.

  • Handlebars

The handlebar is not quite wide, so people having large arms might find it challenging to make a grip. However, you can add taper pillows to make the grip easier.

  • Repairs

If any part of the Grom is damaged, you can quickly repair it on your own, as the parts of this bike are readily available on the market. Also, the parts are pretty affordable. You can check out our site and order the parts you want online.

  • Reliability

The Honda Grom bikes have fuel injection, so there is no need to adjust or clean the carburetor; just fill and go. It also has an electric starter to embrace your leisurely rides.

  • Great Learner Bike

The Honda Grom is the best choice for people who want to learn to ride a bike as it is lightweight, small-sized and easily handles off-road. The clutch adjustment is easy and relatively smooth on the road.

  • Perfect for Two Persons

It comes with a long, comfortable seat and rear passenger foot pegs, so two people can easily sit together. 

What's the Fun Factor?

The bike comes with intuitive features, a comfortable seat, and a powerful engine that makes the ride smooth and fun. You'll enjoy riding this on both streets and off-roads. In case you're a beginner, this bike is an ideal pick for you. Moreover, it is neither too big nor too heavy to be challenging to manage.


Honda Grom is better than many bikes. It is affordable, user-friendly, small in size, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, this pocket bike is street-legal and has a long seat that can easily accommodate two persons. If you are looking for a motorbike that is safe and fun to ride, you can surely think of buying a Honda Grom. But with time, you need to upgrade some parts of the bike to increase the life of the bike. We have a range of pocket bike parts, including a Honda Grom Shifter. Check out our site and place your order. You can also contact our team to know which part you should choose.

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