How do motorcycle carburetors work? Things you need to know!

How do motorcycle carburetors work? Things you need to know!

If you have been a motorcycle fiend for a very long time, you must be aware of how they work. Some of you may not even take your motorcycles to repair shops until something very technical needs to be taken care of! 

One such important part of the motorcycle that you should be aware of, is carburetors. For many people, a carburetor might sound like something very complicated to understand, but if you look at it closely and read about it, you will come to know that it is one of the simplest parts of the bike that you can easily discern. 

Here we have outlined everything that you should know about carburetors to have a better understanding of your motorcycle. 



What is a Motorcycle Carburetor?

To know a carburetor in a detailed manner without any confusion, you first need to understand what it is. 

In simple words, the carb of a motorcycle or a series of carburetors has the simple job of making a combustible mix of air and gasoline that will power the engine and build the driving force necessary to propel the vehicle forward.

Nowadays, people don’t gripe much about carburetors since carburetors have gone through a vast phase of transformation throughout the years, and we are not rehashing carburetors anymore. The modern-day carburetors have become more effective and powerful, but their primary objective of mixing air and fuel has remained the same. 

How does a Carburetor Work? 

It might be easy to understand how carburetors work, but we should first cover the basics for making this arduous-sounding journey of carburetor working. 

  • The main job of a 125cc carburetor upgrade is to provide an internal combustion engine with a mixture of air or fuel. 
  • The carburetor keeps the flow of air on an even keel through the Main bore. The air flowing through this system draws the fuel, and then the entire mixture passes into the engine through the intake valve. 
  • The most important aspect of a successful carburetor operation is the Venturi Principle/Effect. 
  • Some of the most common parts of a carburetor are vents, bowl, passages, center bore, idle speed adjustment, air/fuel ratio adjustment, and even an accelerator pump. 

Now, you may think that the twisting of the throttle decides how much fuel should enter the engine, but that’s not true. The throttle simply controls how much air should pass through the carburetor, and then it is the flow of the air that controls how much fuel enters the engine. 

According to the Venturi Principle/Effect, when air passes through a narrow tube, then the speed of the air is amplified, and this is where the air pressure reduces. This drop in the air pressure aids in drawing the fuel up and out from the bowl of the carburetor through precisely designed passages and jets and then finally into the cylinder head. 

Here are some of the most common advantages of carburetors built into motorcycles:-

  • They are one of the simplest types of carburetors that you can find in the market, and they can be easily repaired at home without the need for an expert. 
  • They don’t need any technical software or application for adjustment, and therefore, they are considered precious for racing purposes. 
  • No need for any pressurized fuel lines for proper functioning. 

What Causes air to flow through the carburetor and into the engine?

A negative pressure is created when the piston passes down the cylinder bore of an internal combustion engine. The negative airflow and the open intake valve bring air through the carburetor and then push it into the combustion chamber. 

When the throttle is opened, a butterfly valve allows more air to enter the system, and this traveling air takes a specific amount of fuel present in the 125cc carburetor upgrade bowl. 

Do you need a 125cc carburetor upgrade for your motorbike?

If you are planning on improving the torque and power of your bike, then you should make sure to upgrade your motorbike with a Nibbi Performance carburetor + Nibbi Air Filter. This is one of the most recommended upgrades for Boom and Venom 125cc motorcycles.

With a 125cc carburetor upgrade, you can allow more air and fuel to travel through, resulting in more horsepower. This is why it is the most recommended upgrade for almost all motorbike lovers who love to have a little bit more horsepower on their motorbike. 

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