How Can Bike Air-Filters Help Boost Your Machine's Performance?

How Can Bike Air-Filters Help Boost Your Machine's Performance?

Most bike fiends love going extravagant when it comes to the overlook, engine, and other parts of the bike, but spending money on air filters is relatively less among many bike lovers. And then there are those people who think a bike has a simple air intake valve and there is nothing else between. 

Well, both types of people can benefit from this blog post as here we will unravel all the misconceptions related to air filters and make all the bike lovers get rid of their aversion to spending money on air filters. 

So, without any further ado, let's dig into the details of air filters and understand how the bike air filter can amplify the performance of your machine.

How do air filters work? 

The air filters used in bikes can be considered as your nose. So, they filter out all the unwanted particles from the air entering the bike's engine. It helps in letting only pure and clean air enter the system, promoting better combustion. Overall, an air filter in the motorcycle helps in seamless power delivery and improves the bike's efficiency. 

Most of the air filters that you see in the market are built from a single or multiple layers of filtrates that help in removing the pollutant and all the dust particles from the air before they enter the engine. Amidst all the pollution and dust particles, your engine breathes only pure air, which happens just because of the air filter. 

To understand air filters in a detailed way, we will discuss the working of a paper air filter which is ubiquitous in the market. 

The paper air filter works by letting the outside air pass through a filtering device that includes microscopic holes. The paper element in the air filter traps all the pollution and dust particles and lets only clean air pass into the combustion chamber.

​Two performance types of air filters:

​Nibbi air filter

That is one of the best air filters in the market, and it is recommended as an upgrade for motorcycles. This air filter comes with a clamp-on washable and reusable air filter that makes it perfect for those who don't want to make air-filter maintenance an arduous journey. 

The air input side diameter is 48mm weight of the Nibbi air filter is around 7.8 ounces. The best part is that it comes with four layers of red nonwoven fabric and is compatible with a wide array of motorcycles.

Mikuni air filter 

The Mikuni carburetor air filter is one of the finest air filters manufactured by ‎MIKUNI AMERICAN CORPORATION. The weight of this carburetor air filter is around 12.8 ounces, and the product dimension is ‎14 x 10 x 4 inches. It is also an easy-to-install filter that is perfect for bikers looking for easy installation and usage. 

What's so special about the Mikuni carburetor air filter?

Mikuni carburetor air filters have a larger filter surface area, and when the airflow in the mouth is straighter because of the surface area, airflow will have minimum restriction. And since the air filter is large enough, and the flow of air is proper, there is no issue of flow loss, and therefore, the engine can keep working at its maximum potential. 

The airflow is directed into the mouth of the carburetor through a short velocity stack. It is also shielded from the wind with the help of a large chromed filter cover. This entire design is nowadays considered ideal for the working of a carburetor air filter.

One of the most significant issues with other air filters is the loss of energy every time air needs to turn a corner on its way in the carburetor. This loss might not mean a lot for many people, but it is still there. And this is where the Mikuni air filter is designed to ensure there is no such type of air loss. 

You should know that the Mikuni carburetor air filter has a unique design, and you can always use this design as a benchmark to analyze other air filters in the market. The Mikuni air filter flows a maximum amount of air. It helps in delivering this air in the most direct manner possible, right into the mouth of the carburetor, and this is what leads to minimum loss of energy. 

If you are a motorcycle owner, you must pay special attention to the bike's air filter. Without a proper air filter, pollution dust-filled air will enter the system of your bike. They will slowly ruin the performance of your motorcycle.

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