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Hot Picks: Trending Honda Grom Body Parts for 2024!

The Honda Grom is a pint-sized powerhouse that has taken the motorcycling world by storm. With their quirky style, fuel economy, and unmistakable fun factor, it's no surprise that these tiny machines are so popular. But for many Grom owners, stock isn't enough. Personalization is essential, and the aftermarket parts culture for the Grom is thriving.

So, if you want to spice up your Grom and make it uniquely yours, buckle up! This article delves into the most popular Honda Grom body parts for 2024, converting your basic Grom into an eye-catching beauty.

Trending Honda Grom Body Parts, You Need to Have

We've covered some of the most popular trends in Grom body parts, but let's look a little further into some of these categories:

  1. Bold and Bright Lighting Upgrades

LED Turn Signals: Don't settle with the standard orange lights. Upgraded LED turn signals provide a brighter, more prominent light, increasing your visibility to other vehicles, particularly during daylight journeys. They also come in a variety of forms, including sleek, smoke-tinted alternatives and more aggressive arrowhead patterns.

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs): DRLs will improve your Grom's visibility and safety throughout the day. These compact, energy-efficient LED lights remain on while riding, making your Grom more apparent to other drivers.

  1. Streamlined body panels

Bespoke Paint Jobs: If you're feeling really daring, skip the pre-made fairings and opt for a bespoke paint job. Unleash your imagination by creating a one-of-a-kind paint scheme that expresses your individuality.

Tank Pads: A tank pad can protect your Grom's gasoline tank from scratches and scuffs. These come in a variety of materials, including rubber and transparent vinyl with adhesive backing. Some even have exciting designs or branding.

  1. Improve Performance via Aerodynamics

Spools provide an extra layer of protection to frame sliders. The frame sliders' threaded inserts let you quickly install paddock supports for maintenance or track days.

Swingarm Spools: Swingarm spools, like frame spools, enable you to connect paddock supports for rear wheel repair or chain adjustments.

  1. Increase Your Grom's Exhaustion Note

Slip-On Exhaust Systems: If you don't need a complete exhaust system replacement, try a slip-on system. These bolt into the existing header pipe, providing a more aggressive sound and enhanced performance without needing any changes.

Exhaust Heat Wrap: An exhaust heat wrap enhances the appearance of your exhaust by giving it a more aggressive, "race-ready" appearance. It may also help retain heat inside the exhaust system, perhaps enhancing performance in certain situations.

  1. Comfort and Control Upgrades

Foot Pegs: Upgrade your standard foot pegs to improve grip and comfort, particularly on prolonged rides. Wider pegs with deeper grooves are an option, as are folding pegs that retract when parked to avoid accidental tipping.

Hand Levers: Shorter or adjustable reach hand levers might be an excellent option for riders with smaller hands. They may also be offered in a variety of colors and materials to complement your Grom's overall appearance.

  1. Do Not Forget the Bling!

Bar Ends: Replace the factory bar ends with attractive bar end weights. These not only add charm but also aid in attenuating vibrations at more incredible speeds.

Chain Adjuster Blocks: The standard chain adjuster blocks may be a touch plain. Upgrade with brightly colored or anodized metal blocks to provide color and a more quality appearance.

  1. Let There Be Light - Underbody Accents

LED Frame Lights: LED frame lights extend the functionality of underbody illumination. These tiny, strip-style lights may be fitted around the frame to provide a modest yet eye-catching illumination to your Grom.

  1. Functional Protection: Engine Guard and Case Covers

Case Savers: These screw-on covers shield the clutch and generator case covers from wear and tear, particularly during falls. They are made of various materials, including aluminum and high-impact plastic.

  1. Keep it Clean Using Fender Extenders

While fender eliminators provide a cleaner appearance, they may not be suitable for rainy or muddy riding situations. Fender extenders provide a compromise: they expand the length of the conventional fender, providing additional splash protection while maintaining a clean appearance.

  1. Don't overlook the details

Frame Plugs with Chain Oilers: Combine frame plugs with integrated chain oilers. These not only keep dirt and debris out of the frame, but they also give an easy method to oil your chain while riding.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Grom's Potential

The Honda Grom is a blank canvas ready for your touch. With an ever-expanding world of aftermarket components, the options are unlimited. Whether you value performance, comfort, or sheer beauty, there is something out there to enhance your Grom experience. Remember that safety should always be a top issue, so make sure your alterations meet local standards.

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