Front Fenders: How Safe Is It to Ride a Motorcycle Without a Front Fender?

Front Fenders: How Safe Is It to Ride a Motorcycle Without a Front Fender?


Most of the time, motorcycle owners remove the front finders to make their bikes more attractive without knowing how important that part is for their vehicle. Initially, it seemed that bikes could run without them. Yes, it is true up to some extent. But truth to be said, removing front fenders can cost you in the long term. 

 Have you also removed the front fenders of your bike? If yes, then you're making a big mistake. Here is why:

Purpose of Employing a Front Fender on a Motorcycle

The motorcycle fender is the combination of fiber covering the motorcycle wheel. It connects with the motorcycle either on the sides or onto the top casing. They may seem unusual, but in reality, there are many benefits of using fenders in any bike, including the Ducati monster front fender. Here are some of the benefits of having front fenders equipped bike:

The Air Drag

The front fenders streamline the airflow across the frame and reduce the opposition force faced by the tire. In addition, it helps in reducing fuel consumption by lowering the resistance.

The Fork Support 

Most motorcycles have a fork design that goes through the yoke and joins the wheel on the two sides, supported by the fender.

The Protection from Mud and Dust 

Significant utilization of the motorcycle fender is to safeguard the bike from mud sprinkles. The front fender collects a lot of dust while riding and keeps the bike clean.

The Safety of Trailing Vehicles 

Motorbikes with wider tires always tend to splash, which might disturb the person behind them. Thus, for the bikes that have a higher tail, extra fenders are available.

What Is the Need for a Front Fender on a Motorcycle? 

The fender plays many functions, such as protecting the bike from dirt splashes and connecting forks on both sides of the wheel. Even many states don't allow a bike on streets and highways without front fenders.

The Top Benefits of Having a Front Fender 

The front fenders are there in many bikes for stabilization. If the bike is not stabilized, your bike speed can wobble. However, not all motorcycles use the front feeder, so it is essential to look for a bike that's stability doesn't rely on the front fender if you like a motorcycle without a fender.

Another advantage of a front fender is that it protects the rider and the bike's engine. For example, while you are on your bike, the tires will toss rocks and stones coming in their way. The front fender, in this case, can protect you and your bike's engine from hitting by these rocks.

How to Remove the Front Fender on Your Motorcycle?

The fenders are primarily designed for safety purposes. But it doesn't mean it's necessary to have them. You can remove them if you want. But it's good if you check whether removing the front fendering has any significant impacts.

Reasons for Taking off the Front Fender

Most bike owners remove front fenders to give a new look to their bikes and make them more stylish. Another reason is to reduce the bike's weight.

Legal Complications in Removal 

A bike possibly needs a front fender if your state's regulations require it (which is uncommon). So, it's best to check your state's rules before removing your motorcycle's front fender.

Safety Precautions and Considerations 

The bike's safety should be maintained before removing the fender, as the fender is there to protect the rider and motorcycle.

What is the Process of Attaching New Fenders?

If you decide to add a new fender to the motorcycle, the quality of the material and design of the fender is very essential. That's why you should first check the design and material of the fender before reaching any final decision.

Alloy or Fiber Construction 

Choosing an alloy-based or fiber-based fender allows you to utilize it without harming or breaking. These fenders are flexible enough to fit into your motorcycle structure. In addition, their efficiency in removing dust is unquestionable.

Tightening the Frames Designs

While adding the new fender, consider tightening all the screws for safe placement. However, in case the fender doesn't fit naturally in your motorcycle's structure, you need to make modifications.


For the protection of the rider and motorcycle front fender is used. Some people often consider removing them to reduce the bike's size and make it more stylish. But in reality, this doesn't affect the motorcycle weight much and even costs you in the long term.

Fenders are designed to collect all the dust and protect the driver and motorcycle from splash. So, whenever you look for a fender, always choose the best one. If you have Ducati, you can browse our site for Ducati Monster front fender . We have a collection of fenders that fit accurately in your bike's structure. In addition, we have a range of motorcycle parts - check out our site now!


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