Easy Steps to Install a Racing Rearset on a Honda Grom

Easy Steps to Install a Racing Rearset on a Honda Grom

The list of offerings from the renowned Honda company in the motorcycle segment is massive; however, the Honda Grom is the most popular motorcycle in that broad segment. This air-cooled motorcycle won the USA motorcycle of the year price in 2014. It is still ruling the market because of its style, power, and comfort!

Even though the Honda Grom motorcycle has an impeccable design; installing a racing Rearset on the Honda Grom is complicated. However, having basic knowledge about motorcycle components and modifications can help you simplify the process.

A Rearset replaces the existing footpeg, gearshift lever, brackets, and Honda grom rear brake pedal; they are attached together. The basic motive behind installing a Rearset is to offer adjustments so that some motorcycle parts can be set exactly where the biker wants them to be. 

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the process of installing a racing Rearset on a Honda Grom. We will cover every aspect of this simple installation process. 

Honda Grom Rearset Installation - Tools and Parts You Will Need

Before starting the installation process, you must understand the tools and parts you need to complete the installation. Many household garages may or may not have these tools or parts. If you don’t have any of the below-mentioned parts, you can easily purchase them as most of these tools are pocket-friendly. 


  • Ratchet and Extensions

Used to make it easy for the socket wrench to reach hard-to-access places. 

  • Socket Set and Allen Set

Used for loosening or tightening fasteners 

  • 1/2-inch Steel Rod

Used for tapping the swingarm axle out 

  • Hammer

A normal-sized hammer will be enough in this case

  • Torque Wrench

Used for adjusting the tightening torque of nuts and screws 


  • TT Rearset Kit

Includes everything necessary for adjusting or mounting positions

  • Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Crucial for retaining brake light functionality from the rear brake lever

  • Blue Thread Locker

Used for locking threaded fasteners 

Step-by-Step Process to Install a Racing Rearset on a Honda Grom

Part 1: Removing Honda Grom Gearshift and Brake Pedals

  • Begin with removing the gearshift pedal mounting bolt, which will be 10mm. 
  • After this, you have to get to the left and right side step holders and remove the 12mm bolts from both sides. 
  • For supporting the swingarm, you can use a jack underneath it, and after giving the support, you can shrug off the swingarm axle, which is usually 19mm. Now, simply tap the swingarm axle out using a steel rod of half an inch. 
  • Get rid of the gearshift pedal and step holder present on the left side. 
  • Get rid of the step holder located on the right side. However, before this, you need to remove the muffler mounting bolt. 
  • Now go to the linkage and remove the clevis pin, cotter pin, and master cylinder mounting bolts. 
  • Before completely removing the step holder from the motorcycle, it is necessary to disconnect the brake light wires. 

Part 2: Installing Honda Grom Rearset Gear Shift Pedal

  • Install the new footpeg on the brand new Rearset step holders. After this, you need to use the blue thread locker on the mounting bolts. Torque them twenty-nine foot-pounds. 
  • Now, before reinstalling the axle bolt through the swingarm, you have to apply both the spacer and step holder on the left side of the swingarm axle bolt. 
  • To connect the gearshift to the turnbuckle, use the nuts and bolts and reinstall the gearshift pedal mounting bolt. 

Part 3: Installing Honda Grom Rearset Brake Pedal

  • Install the rare brake master cylinder on the right side step holder. For this, you have to use the two mounting bolts. Don’t forget to attach the cotter pins and clevis with the linkage. 
  • Install the spacer into the swingarm axle, and at the lower step holder bolt, you have to use the blue thread lock.
  • After using the thread locker to the muffler mounting bolt, you have to reinstall it. 

Part 4: Installing Honda Grom Rearset Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

  • Get rid of the banjo bolt, as this is the same bolt that keeps the brake hose secure.
  • Directly install the hydraulic brake light switch and tighten it properly. 

Part 5: Bleeding Honda Grom Rearset Rear Brakes

  • To access the rear brake reservoir, you first remove the side covers. After this, you have to get rid of the Honda Grom rear brake pedal reservoir mounting bolt.

  • Finally, you have to put the reservoir aside to access the reservoir cap. 
  • For getting rid of all the air present in the system, you have to bleed the brakes simply, and after all the air has been removed, you can attach the reservoir cap and then connect the reservoir to the motorcycle.

  • Now connect the electric connectors of the hydraulic brake switch and finally reinstall the side covers. 

If you are looking forward to customizing your Honda Grom to make it according to your needs, you need to follow the right process. Otherwise, you will complicate things and might end up taking your Honda Grom to a professional. That will add unnecessary costs.

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