7 Practical Motorbike Mods for Touring

7 Practical Motorbike Mods for Touring

We love to hit the open road, forget about life, and explore new destinations. The feeling of being on the road for days on end, with just your backpack and your motorcycle, can feel freeing, empowering, and metamorphic. However, it can be excruciating if you do not travel with the correct equipment. In this blog post, we will highlight seven practical motorbike mods for touring that every rider should consider before embarking on a long-distance ride. You can embark on a long trip on your trusted steed, no matter what type of bike you ride. You can go for long rides on any motorcycle with the correct mods. For example, you might just need a new Honda Grom storage box and new Honda Grom plastics to gain the confidence to hit the road for a few days or even weeks.


Touring Checklist

While modifying your motorbike with practical accessories can significantly improve your touring experience, it's equally important to create a comprehensive travel checklist before hitting the road. Forgetting to pack essential items can not only be inconvenient but also jeopardize your safety on the journey. Here are some things to consider when preparing your touring checklist:

Non-Riding Essentials:

Apart from packing riding gear and tools, make sure to include some non-riding essentials in your checklist, such as water bottles, snacks, a first aid kit, and a GPS device. These items can come in handy when you're off the bike and need to navigate your way through unfamiliar terrains. Also, downloading maps of the areas you plan to visit can help you stay on track and avoid getting lost.

Preview Your Route:

While spontaneity can add an element of thrill to your touring experience, it's wise to preview your route before embarking on a long-distance journey. Check the weather conditions, road closures, and traffic updates to avoid any surprises. Also, sketch a rough route and mark the rest stops, fuel stations, and accommodations along the way. This can help you plan your breaks and avoid running out of fuel or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Essential Motorcycle Maintenance:

Besides packing your gear, it's essential to ensure that your motorcycle is in top-notch condition before starting your tour. Check the tire pressure, brakes, chain, and oil levels to avoid any mechanical issues on the road. Make an improvement if needed; for example, get a Honda Grom rear brake pedal. It's also advisable to carry some spare parts and tools in case of emergencies.


Essential Touring Mods

Now, let’s talk about important mods for your motorcycle. These mods can be the difference between a pleasant and freeing journey and a grindy, struggling expedition.


A windshield protects you from wind buffeting. This can help ease the exhaustion at the end of a long riding day.

Without a windshield, you may even experience pain in the upper body at the end of long rides. This is because this area faces a lot of the strain of the wind when riding at high speeds. This is even more so true when talking about inter-state highways. A windshield is an essential mod that also protects you from debris when riding at high speeds. If you want to make your journey more comfortable, this is definitely one to go for.

Storage Box

When touring, you need to carry your gear, snacks, and other essentials with you. A storage box can provide ample space for your luggage and protect it from dust, rain, and theft. So, if you get a Honda Grom storage box for your favorite bike, you can ride at ease, knowing your essentials are always by your side.

Hazard Lights

If these are not already present in your motorbike, you should definitely get them. They are an essential safety mod that helps you in low-light conditions and emergencies, as well as with asking for help from other travelers.

Handlebar Raise

One of the primary advantages of a cruiser bike in long rides (there are a few others, such as the power output configuration) is its sitting position. Cruisers help you sit upright and keep your arms in a comfortable position.

Riding on your favorite Yamaha for long hours will not only give you back pain but may even result in a loss of love for riding! While this is not true for all riders, most will enjoy a higher handlebar position when talking about long rides. You can easily get your handlebar changed. While you may not want to convert your bike to a chopper, if that’s what you want, you can get that done too!

Mobile Mount

This is an easy navigation mod for your bike. No one wants to make frequent stops to check out their map and GPS. With this simple mod, you can easily put your phone as an essential navigation device on your handlebar or your tank. However, you must get a high-quality phone mount, as a cheaper one could end up damaging your expensive smartphone!

Seat Cushion/ Padding

Sitting for extended periods can cause discomfort and numbness in your buttocks and thighs. A seat cushion or padding can provide extra cushioning and support, reducing fatigue and improving your comfort on the ride.

All-Weather Tyres

Touring can take you through a variety of weather conditions, from scorching heat to pouring rain. All-weather tyres can provide superior traction and grip on wet or dry roads, ensuring your safety and performance on the ride.


To Sum Up

Touring on a motorbike is an adventure like no other. With the right mods and checklists, you can make your journey safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. So, consider adding these essential touring mods to your motorbike, whether you're planning a short weekend ride or a long cross-country tour. And if you're looking to upgrade your ride with quality parts and accessories, check out Vader Parts for the best deals and customer service. Ride safe and enjoy the journey!

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