6 Things That Make Honda Grom Different and Preferable

6 Things That Make Honda Grom Different and Preferable

Honda Grom

Whenever it comes to sports bikes, how can someone forget Honda Grom? Its cool design, powerful engine, superb comfort, and incredible features are some of the characteristics that make it stand out from others.

Honda introduced the Honda Grom in 2014. The bike is lightweight and small in size, making it perfect for both newbie and professional riders. 

The Honda Grom is intended to be a "fun" bike. Here are some other reasons why you should choose Honda Grom. 

  • Riding Is Super Comfortable

Honda Grom is surprisingly very comfortable. It has wide bars, a 29.7-inch seat, and an upright riding position. Also, you can sit high enough for a commanding view that allows you to see the road clearly.  

 The best part about this funky bike is that it can accommodate two adults. You can go on a long trip and enjoy the super comfort of this bike. The bike is designed so that you will feel less strain on your knees and back and easily maneuver on tight corners. The Honda Grom fuel tank can also carry enough fuel for a long ride.

  • Impressively Stable and Reliable

Thanks to the Japanese technology that makes this bike a powerful machine. You can quickly steer the bike without losing your balance. The bike has an elegant and practical design that makes it highly stable and reliable. 

You can take the bike for a long drive without considering whether it could cover such a long distance. 

Did you know that Honda Grom is capable of a scarcely believable 186mpg? Yes, you read right.

There's hardly any other bike in the market with such powerful technology at a low price stage. But Honda has done a great job on Grom and made it one of the best superbikes.

  • Whopping 58mph Speed

Honda-grom has a straight-line performance. It comes with a 125cc, 9bhp, and a four-stroke motor that allows a rider to sweep the 58mph top speed.

It is perfect for daily slogs - inner city commuting. And for these tasks, the engine delivers optimum performance. You will not get disappointed with its performance.

The bike weighs only 102kg. You can also fit a louder exhaust, like Akrapovic, that can beat most cars and make your motorcycle noticeable.

In addition, the four-speed gearbox provides more flexibility than a similarly sized CVT scooter. Its powerful engine can produce enough torque to lift the front wheel in first gear - a perfect bike for motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • Flat Seat and Low Pegs

As discussed above, Honda Grom has wide bars; the bike can give more comfort to the rider. Furthermore, the flat seat and low pegs make the ride incredibly easy at low speeds. 

The bike is designed in a way that it can provide better stability. Honda Grom has a proper USD (upside-down) and low center of gravity, which helps you easily make turns without losing balance and straining your back.

Even when you accelerate, the bike is capable enough to keep up with the proceedings and maintain stability. 

  • Unconventionally Cool

This rebellious and funky Japanese bike has a powerful 125cc engine and miniaturized proportions. But here, we are not saying this bike is cool in a 'hipster biker' sense. Instead, it is cool because of its design and performance. 

You can take back-to-back rides without thinking about performance. The bike delivers great performance and doesn't heat up quickly.

  • Super Stylish

​​The Honda Grom is a fun vehicle. Indeed, a lot of fun. With a suitable clutch and 4-speed transmission, it is a fantastic bike for novice riders to learn the fundamentals. This bike is an excellent option if you want to ride longer distances and potentially with a passenger on a single motorcycle. 



Honda Grom (MSX125) is an air-cooled superbike made by Honda Motor Co. Inc. The bike even won the USA Motorcycle of the year prize in 2014. Honda Grom is superb in terms of performance, comfort, stability, and reliability.

You can have a perfect ride with this bike and enjoy the fun. Above, we have mentioned some of the incredible characteristics of the Honda Grom. 

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